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There is good news for all users of the Epic Games Store as it has just received a feature expected by many. We mean compatibility with an achievement system.

Epic Games announced that the achievement system is now available in the Epic Games Store, although it is only in a preliminary version. So, at the moment it is only available in some games.

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Importantly, Epic Games also noted that people should expect changes to occur in the Epic Games Store achievement system. This is because the option is barely at an early stage of development.

“Some games in the Epic Games Store will start showing achievements when you unlock them. This is an early version of the feature and you can expect to see changes and adjustments. We will have more information about future achievements, so stay tuned, « Epic Games said on Twitter.

There’s still work to do at the Epic Games Store

While this news will please many, it should also be noted that there are still several features that the Epic Games Store is missing. The good news is that Epic Games is already working on implementing them.

On a Trello board, Epic Games revealed that it is working on better features for its store discovery. Also, you are preparing more payment methods and have support for more currencies. You are also preparing a shopping cart.

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And you, what features do you need in the Epic Game Store? Tell us in the comments.

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