At last! Dinsey + arrived in Latin America and Netflix welcomes it

At last! Dinsey + arrived in Latin America and Netflix welcomes it (INSTAGRAM)

At last, Dinsey + has arrived in Latin America and Netflix welcomes it | INSTAGRAM

Our dear uncle Netflix has always proven to be a very “cool” streaming platform, therefore, he always tries to give his subscribers expected content and often prepares us various surprises, to keep us more than happy with the extensive content in his catalog.

In addition, it always gives us something to talk about, because on more than one occasion it has shone with its curious and funny comments that it makes from its official networks, however, there is one account in particular that has become very dynamic and participatory within the recognized social networks, being more exact, in Twitter.

This is the account of “Netflix Latin America”, who often becomes the protagonist of memes, due to the publications he makes from his official profile or the responses he gives to his followers, of course, depending on the social interaction that has occurred.

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On this occasion, it was in the afternoon – night of yesterday, that, due to a Tweet, Netflix Latin America became a trend, reaching the eyes of millions of Internet users, causing thousands of laughs and an intense wave of memes.

It all happened when the Netflix Twitter account, very kind and friendly, gave him the warmest of welcomes to the new platform “Disney +” who, yesterday, premiered in the Latin American region.

What surprised many of the platform’s following users was that, despite being a strong direct competition in the market, Netflix acted in good faith and dedicated a warm welcome message to the territory: “Hello Disney Plus Latin America Welcome to Latin America! You’ll see that here are the best fans. May the Force be with you and Hakuna Matata, “wrote the great of entertainment via streaming.

As expected, or perhaps not, Disney + responded to the Netflix label with another tweet, unleashing a wave of comments, where laughter and red heart emojis star, from users on the network, in addition to gathering thousands of shares in minutes.

“DO NOT PUBLISH: reply confirming that Latin American fans are the best and confess all our love for the stories of @netflixlat * Note: stop using this resource (for a while)”, this caused the thousands of followers to be surprised and kept an eye on this interaction between the big streaming companies.

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Subsequently, Netflix gave one more response to the new platform, by way of advice: “Protip: Prepare to be asked for the third season of The Mandalorian, even if the second has not finished”, another tweet that caused a stir and a comic moment, Well, it’s funny because it’s true.

To which Disney quickly responded in this way: “Speaking of which: when is the 5th of Cobra Kai for? It’s for a friend”, this undoubtedly triggered many users to take a screenshot of the curious conversation between companies and they quickly went to Facebook to publish the image, which, as expected, immediately went viral.

Likewise, users were also in charge of filling the original publication with comments, some more comical than others, such as a user who wrote in a peculiar way: “Long live the boyfriends”, to which no one expected Netflix to respond in the same way , commenting on “aber besenze”, adding more laughter to the pleasant situation.

In the same way, several users dedicated themselves to publishing to uncle Netflix that although the new Disney platform has arrived and they have subscribed, they will never let him love it, even being the favorite, for its part, the platform responded by thanking all the affection by its subscribing users.