At just 11 years old, Rodrigo Saldívar takes gold in the International Mathematics Competition

Rodrígo Saldívar, a high school student in Zacatecas, managed to get a gold medal in mathematics for the second time.

Until now, the only gold medal of Mexico in 2021 was not achieved in Tokyo. On the contrary, at just 11 years old, Rodrigo Saldívar won the highest award that exists in the 2021 Indonesia International Mathematics Competition. With this, he adds one more achievement for mathematicians who have competed on behalf of the country this year in similar events.

A gold for Mexico

Through his official Twitter account, the Mathematics Olympiad in Mexico City congratulated Rodrigo Saldívar for his early achievement. Born in Zacatecas, the boy is part of a group of other Mexican winners. Along with Tomás Cantú, Daniel Ochoa, Emilio Ramos, from Sinaloa and Alejandro Reyes, from Morelos, who won bronze, Saldívar stood out for obtaining the jackpot.

For their part, Omar Astudillo and Pablo Valeriano won silver medals in the same competition. All of them are high school students in various states of the country, among which stand out Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Morelos, Sinaloa, Guerrero and Mexico City.

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It is not the first time that Saldívar has won a medal. On the contrary, it is the second, after his achievement in the South Africa competition in 2019. After its remarkable performance, Mexico is considered by the organizers as “emergent mathematical power”. Despite the limits imposed by the pandemic, Saldívar prevailed as an undefeated champion.

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