The singer surprises her fans again

April 06, 20207: 49 AM

Rosalía Vila Tobella better known as Rosalía, is a beautiful Spanish singer who has conquered all the media with her talent and charisma in front of the cameras.

The singer has always been characterized by having a totally unique and original style, perhaps that is her secret because at just 26 years old she has an incredible fan base.

Recently, we have found a video on YouTube in which you can see how Rosalía during a concert surprises all her fans with the unexpected entry by singer Ozuna. What a surprise!

It is important to mention that Rosalía wore a beautiful and striking outfit which allowed her to dance with her characteristic European style, while Ozuna also dressed very well because she was completely white.

One of the things that surprised the fans of both singers the most was the unexpected hug they gave each other just before the end of the show, which is very affectionate and affectionate, which shows that they are very good friends.