“At Atlético no one thinks he is better than anyone else”

05/15/2021 at 3:11 PM CEST

Luis Suárez, who will be the next protagonist of the Deportista Club, has reviewed his season with Atlético, which with two days to reach the end of the league, they lead and have to touch the title, thanks in large part to their formidable performance and scorer’s nose, something that, as he says, has served him to ‘shut up mouths’: “Last year I received criticism and they said that I was not there to compete for important things, or that in the Barcelona I couldn’t compete at a high level“.

In turn, asked about his presence in the mattress entity, he praised his colleagues and launched a surprising message: “I do not regret coming, when one door closes, seven larger ones open for you. Atlético is a great family, nobody thinks they are better than anyone. There is a very healthy competitiveness“.

For a fighter like him, both on and off the field, the critics only give him the energy to continue to show his talent: “You like a challenge. And coming here was a very big challenge for me for many things. It generates a challenge for you at the individual level that makes you want to continue showing that you are among the elite of football for a reason, that for many years I have been demonstrating the kind of player I am. And I experienced it as a great challenge and with great enthusiasm. I’m not sorry at all, on the contrary: excited and eager to continue demonstrating “.

To the United States, with Messi?

The Uruguayan has stated that he intends to finish his career in the North American country, although he is in no hurry to undertake this adventure: “Two years ago, when I played for Barcelona, ​​I would have told you that there. But then circumstances arise. And now that I’m here and I’m happy, you consider playing for a couple more years, keep showing. And then, when the time comes, another option comes to you and you have to make decisions. Actually, it is difficult. I would like to have the experience of being able to play in the United States, but you never know“.

His great friend Leo Messi, it seems that he is also interested in MLS football, so who knows if they will end up rejoining their paths on the other side of the ‘pond’.

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