Jane Fonda, 82, decided to take advantage of the days of social isolation to do a little exercise from home and remember old times, but now, in the 2.0 world. The protagonist of the comedy Grace & Frankie burst into Tik Tok not only to demonstrate that age is only a number but also to approach the youngest

To capture the attention of millennials in times of quarantine, the famous American actress used the popular social network under the false pretext of resuming the mythical gym classes that she starred in the 80s with her book Fit with Jane Fonda.

After capturing the attention of the spectators in a few seconds, Fonda goes to the camera in a new shot, in which she appears and with the now famous red coat with which she has been detained on several occasions during the Friday protests against climate change in Washington, to send an urgent message.

The actress’s goal was more than just teaching gymnastics in times of quarantine: she used Tik Tok as a pretext to attract the attention of the youngest to join her in the fight to save the planet and join the environmental movement Fire drill Fridays.

Hello Tik Tok! I have rescued my aerobics to fight the climate crisis, “the actress begins joking in her video.” You know what? There are already too many gym routine videos on the internet and on television. What I really want them to do is work with me for the planet, “said the interpreter, who says that now more than ever it is necessary to act” to stop global warming “from home.

“We are experiencing a climate crisis that is a real emergency, so even if you are on the couch or on your yoga mat, will you join me? The future needs you and so do I, “concludes the actress. In a few hours the video had more than a million views.

This new Friday green initiative replaces Friday protests outside the Capitol in Washington. On several occasions, both Jane Fonda and some of her famous Hollywood friends, such as Joaquin Phoenix or Martin Sheen, ended up in prison after being detained in full protest. The movement seeks to pressure politicians to adopt a new agreement (Green New Deal) to end fossil fuels and enact a just transition to a renewable economy.