At 76, Talina Fernández got a tattoo for the first time and did it on a live program

Talina fernandez, 76, showed again that age is not an impediment at all and surprised viewers by getting tattooed in full live broadcast of the program ‘Sale el Sol’, where it is conductive.

The actress was given the opportunity to break with stereotypes and made the decision to get his first tattoos, because it was not just one, but two.

The first was a happy face and then he asked to be made a little sun, as a tribute to the morning that brought her back to Mexican television, which she will have permanently on the wrist of his left arm.

“This tattoo will remind me of my time at“ Sale el Sol ”and also that I am happy, because even if you don’t believe it, I also do things that young people do. Then come on! ”Talina mentioned.

While she was tattooed, her fellow broadcasters did not stop cheering her on and showing her their admiration for her bravery, as they asked her if he was feeling any discomfort and she answered, sure, that it did not hurt at all.

This is not the first time that ‘The Lady of Good Saying’, as it is also known, gives something to talk about because of something she does in said program, because exactly a week ago she attracted a lot of attention for recounting that in the 1970s it was operated by aliens pointing out that, at that time, she had a fractured knee and that they operated on the outside by just closing their eyes and making movements with their hands.

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