At 16, Ricky Martin, went crazy with the most youthful look

At 16, Ricky Martin, went crazy with the most youthful look | .

In one of his Instagram stories, he singer Ricky Martin takes a look at his past, during the beginning of his career, the “Puerto Rican star” who still remains in the public’s taste for several years, shows himself as an attractive boy at 16 years old.

Since I was a child, Ricky Martin, began his career in music and it was his foray into the group “Menudo” that helped boost his career, in his teens the “Puerto Rican” already drove young women crazy by showing great appeal.

With a look very of the time, the “Puerto Rican actor“He had already conquered several hearts at the age of 16 in which he showed some of the transformations that were turning him into a” s3x symbol “over the years and Better and better!

Ricky Martin shared a fan page photo. This is how he looked at 16! Instagram

In the late teens to usher in coming of age, the so-called “King of Latin Pop“He still had some small features of that childish look, but with all the potential to become a true heartthrob, in addition to the talent that led him to climb the top in his career.

It is always a good time to remember the various stages of the journey called life in which, particularly, that of Enrique Martin Morales, will be full of good anecdotes and experiences that have fueled his life and career.

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Today’s husband of Jwan Yosef and father of four children, joined a call to nostalgia after sharing a publication where he appears several years younger, surely his older children have been able to enjoy this and many other photographs that possibly the interpreter of “La Mordidita” keep among your memories.

It did not take long for the remembered actor of the Mexican telenovela “Alcanzar una Estrella” to become the target of various reactions in which his followers dedicated hearts, applause and many kisses, the photograph added 709 likes and was shared by a fan club in Spain, where the “boricua” currently resides.

In 1988 and at the age of 16, the native of San Juan Puerto Rico, became the vocalist of the group formed by Ray Reyes, Nefty Sallaberry, Carlos Meléndez, Fernando Sallaberry, Oscar Meléndez, Ricky Meléndez, René Farrait, Johnny Lozada, Xavier Serbiá, Miguel Cancel, Charlie Masso, Roy Rosselló, Robi Rosa, Ricky Martin and Raymond Acevedo. Among the first who shaped the phenomenon of music.

Currently, the 49-year-old singer is the father of 4 children, two twins, Valentino and Mateo, and later Lucía and Renn Martin-Yosef, who together with Jwan Yosef have formed one of the great dreams of the “pop genre star”.

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Recently, Enrique Martin Morales, to whom his original name corresponds, has raised his voice by celebrating “Pride Day” with which he has shouted his true orientations to the world, they were a series of photographs for the edition of an Italian magazine that celebrated the love you share with your partner.

Since that time, various images have been shared by the winner of various awards between Grammys, Billboard and American Awards, among many others, in which he has appeared very loving with his partner, the plastic artist.

Although, on the other hand, it is not all honey on flakes since some of his fans did not react in the way he expected and he pointed out in a recent publication that they stopped following him after his romantic photos.

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The also writer and considered “UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador” stated that he had been discriminated against and for which he dedicated a few profound words:

The most I wish in this life is that we can all feel free, proud of ourselves, happy, that we are loved, respected and accepted, it was part of his message,

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