Evanescent elegance on the catwalk and luxury understood as an accumulation of details that make the difference in pleats and seams. The Asturian designer Marcos Luengo He starred yesterday on the second day of Benz Fashion Week Madrid, the old Cibeles catwalk, making it clear that color and shapes can deserve the same prominence, without the need to compete.

Voluminous sleeves, sash-belts, silks and linens mark the main lines of the spring-summer 2021 collection, again with art as a source of inspiration. The symmetrical and colorful works of the Guatemalan painter Alexander Zuleta the patterns light up. Luengo uses the geometries of the indigenous and the cosmology of the Mayan calendar in patterns that come to life in the different fabrics and configure each of the garments, meticulously conceived from the sobriety and impeccable cuts that are the watchword of the house. Forceful and timeless silhouettes give rise to architecturally constructed garments, highlighted by voluminous sleeves.

All the pieces are made from noble raw materials such as silk, linen and leather. Silks are woven into crepe, satin, and chiffon for flowing lines. The rigidity and at the same time flexibility of the organza allows to elaborate the leaf ornaments present in the entire collection, and also in the accessories, such as large brass earrings.