For Télé Star in Aqashow, Astrid Nelsia has made some revelations about her current relationship with her former best friend Vincent Queijo, who is about to become a dad.

Blogger Aqababe has just launched his show, Aqashow, which is broadcast on the paid video platform TeleStar Play. The paid program, dedicated to gossip about reality TV, makes various candidates react live about their news.

Lately, it’s Astrid Nelsia who was invited to talk about where they were now his relationship with Vincent Queijo, his former best friend.

Very close friends

Astrid and Vincent have always been very close, the young woman considering the latter as a big brother. Also, she was very disappointed that he paid her less attention when she arrived on the set of The Villa of Broken Hearts 5.

The former Secret Story candidate had previously met Rym Renom, for whom he had love at first sight and with whom he is about to have a child.

The two friends could not therefore be as close as before, especially since Rym also made some fits of jealousy which pushed Vincent to distance himself from the pretty Switzerland.

The two young women even came close to coming into their own hands and since then, Astrid and Vincent still have not resumed contact.

A stubborn grudge

Astrid Nelsia has expressed her disappointment at the end of this friendship, which took place in front of the cameras:

Vincent was like my best friend, and there, because he was in a relationship, I was neglected.

Sisika’s ex confessed that they had however reconciled once back in France. Nevertheless she had finally reconsidered her decision :

We made our peace after the shoot but I watched the episodes, saw how he spoke to me and told myself that I was sick for forgiving him. He was putting me down for his girl.

According to the beautiful brunette, Rym’s jealousy would be at the origin of his quarrel with Vincent :

She said she was jealous that he had a girlfriend who was pretty.

Vincent Queijo & Rym Renom @youtubeVincent Queijo & Rym Renom @youtubeVincent Queijo & Rym Renom @youtube

Towards a possible reconciliation?

Very affected, the bimbo continued, visibly resigned:

He wanted to be so good with Rym that he preferred to preserve his relationship. I can understand and that’s why now we have nothing more to say to each other. Let them make their living.

But despite his resentment, Vincent is still a dear person to his heart.

If Astrid still hasn’t congratulated him on his future fatherhood, it’s because she fears the young man’s reaction.

Time may ease tensions …