AstraZeneca will produce a large part of covid-19 vaccines for the local market in Japan

AstraZeneca will produce locally much of the Vaccines against the new Coronavirus destined for Japan, the executive director of the Japanese division of this pharmaceutical company, Michio Tanaka, told NHK television.

The JCR Pharmaceuticals plant, located in Hyogo prefecture, will manufacture the doses for 40 million people, two-thirds of the volume envisaged by AstraZeneca’s contract with Japan.

On February 5, the Anglo-Swedish multinational requested authorization to use its Vaccine in Japanese territory. After completing this process, AstraZeneca can begin production.

The immunization campaign against Covid-19 in Japan it began on February 17 and in a first phase it covers some 40,000 workers from a hundred health centers. Then it will be extended to 4.7 million toilets and, from April, to 36 million Japanese over 65 years.

To date, the only Vaccine against the new Coronavirus authorized for use in Japan is that of Pfizer / BioNTech.

Source: Sputnik

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