Aston Villa prohibits the ‘Comunio’ to their players

The Aston
town has prohibited its footballers from participating in the League
Fantasy of the Premier League, after the injury of Jack
Grealish when staff members removed him from their teams.

This type of competition, very popular in England with more than seven million participants, allows users to buy and sell players virtually to build a squad in which footballers receive points based on their performances in real life .

Villa player Grealish missed this weekend’s game against Leicester City and the news leaked as several of his teammates replaced him in their squads before the release was official.

It is not the first time this has happened and there is a ‘bot’ that, through a Twitter account located in Norway, puts a tweet every time a player from a real Premier League team makes a change in his squad, so it is easy to know when a player is not going to play a game.

There are recent precedents

For example, Andy Robertson, in early February, sold Sadio Mané days before playing against Brighton & Hove Albion, a game that the Senegalese did not play, while several Leicester City footballers transferred Jamie Vardy a few days ago before the English striker missed four games through injury.

These practices have led clubs like Aston Villa to prohibit their players from using these platforms, according to The Times newspaper.

Other teams could follow in Villa’s footsteps, although it is not a very popular option, since the movements of its players, and also of members of the coaching staff and workers of the entity, are exposing the physical problems of the players .