Aston Martin updates its configurator and presents new features in the range

Aston Martin is coming off. The British firm had been without a clear direction for a while, but it seems that since it arrived Tobias Moers at his helm things have changed. If we ignore its main line of business, as a manufacturer of cars, sports cars and supercars, the news has also been many and varied. However, in recent weeks they have surprised us with two highly anticipated models: the Valkyrie AMR Pro and the Valhalla.

Well, it seems that the news will not stop there. Those in charge of the Gaydon house want to bring it even closer to its potential clients and for this they have taken measures. The last one has been very easy and simple, since they have not had to invest a single euro (or very few) to start it. They have updated the configurator of your website and retouched the ranges of the models that make up its portfolio. Will it be enough to make yourself visible?

Aston Martin simplifies its entire range and eliminates the Superleggera and AMR declines …

For simplicity: the range review focuses on updating the color palette and the inclusion of new alloy wheels in the DBS and DBX. The model that benefits the most from this renewal is the DB11 as it sees how the power of the 4.0 V8 Twin-Turbo block increases. Now it reaches the 394 kW (535.84 CV) which represents an addition of 25 CV compared to the previous version. In addition, it now reaches a top speed of 308 kilometers per hour.

But nevertheless, Aston Martin has also decided to remove two mythical names. We refer to the “Superleggera” and “AMR” type plates. The first was, until now, included in the DBS offer. For its part, the second shaped the V12 Coupé version of the DB11. The good thing about it is that, for now, there will be no changes in the mechanics of the models that mounted them. They limit themselves to simplifying the offer to be clearer …

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Still, the new web configurator should make things easier for Aston Martin customers. As they have explained, they will be able to select from three preset interior environments. Each will feature materials, patterns and colors carefully selected by Aston’s design team. The first is called “Inspire” and boasts perforated semi-aniline leather, contrast stitching and up to 30 possible interior color combinations.

“Accelerate” It is called the second and seeks to offer maximum sportsmanship. To do this, it combines leather and Alcantara with up to 10 shades for leather and another 4 to provide contrast. Last is the environment “To create”. It is the simplest of all because, although it can be completed with other options, it is supported by 10 interior color options in combinations of monotone and two-tone. If you want to keep an eye on them and compare, go to the source and enjoy …

Source – Aston Martin

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