Aston Martin DB11 and Vantage will go electric


The British firm has already confirmed that the next generations of the DB11 and Vantage will equip 100% electric propellants.

We have been warning for some time that electrification is not alien to hyper-luxury brands or any other type of car manufacturer. This is further proof of this: Aston Martin, traditionally attached to V12, V8 and L6 engines, has just recognized that two of the most iconic models in its current range will go electric very soon. Specifically, it will be the future generations of the Aston DB11 and Vantage that change the eight and twelve cylinders for the instantaneous torque offered by zero-emission mechanics. Does this mean that they will lose emotion or performance? No way. The only thing we will have to say goodbye to is the brutal sound of such blocks, but in return they will gain the ferocity that characterizes any electric sports car today.

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The next DB11 and Vantage will be incorporated into the eco catalog started by the spectacular hybrid Valkyrie, which combines a 6.5-liter V12 developed by Cosworth with an electric motor that provides a combined power of more than 1,000 hp, and by the recent 950 hp plug-in Valhalla.

In this way, the V8 orders from Aston Martin to Mercedes-AMG, so far charged with supplying the heart of the Vantage and the most basic versions of the DB11.

The first electric Aston Martin will arrive in 2025

“The succession of our traditional sports segment has to be totally electric, without a doubt”, assured the executive director of the brand, Tobias Moers, in an interview with the Automotive News. In addition, he announced that Aston Martin’s first fully electric model to go on sale in 2025, which means that the DB11 and Vantage will survive longer than originally anticipated. Following these launches, an electric SUV will be unveiled that could adopt the lines of the DBX.

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