Assailants steal truck carrying PlayStation 5 and leave Chileans without their console

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It is not a good day to be a Chilean gamer who put aside a PlayStation 5. What happens is that recently there was an assault whose consequence was that several Chileans were left without their PlayStation 5 the day they expected to receive it.

Falabella, a chain of stores in Chile, sent a statement to people who set aside the PlayStation 5. In it, they were informed that the truck carrying the PlayStation 5 orders was robbed. As a result, the store was left without consoles, so it will not be able to distribute it to consumers who are dying to get one in their hands.

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“We know that the date you were going to receive the console was today, but the truck of the PlayStation distributor that was transporting them was robbed, leaving us without any of these products,” says the statement received by those affected.

The good news is that Falabella plans to honor the presale of all players, so they will not be left empty-handed. Of course, they will have to be patient and the next-gen console will begin to be delivered from December 15.

Affected by the assault will be rewarded

The good news in all of this is that all consumers affected by this assault will be rewarded. In this way, having been affected by the crime will not be all bad.

In its statement, Falabella informs that its customers who did not receive their PlayStation 5 because of this crime, will obtain a 12-month membership of PlayStation Plus. They will also take a gift card with a value of $ 50,000 CLP (approximately $ 1331 MXN).

While not the best of situations, these 2 gifts are sure to make you have a better experience. After all, with the Plus membership you can access the acclaimed games in the PlayStation Plus Collection, while the gift card can be used to buy a game or accessory.

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And you, have you heard of a similar case? Tell us in the comments.

PlayStation 5 is now available globally. You can learn more about Sony’s next generation console by clicking here.