Aspen Ladd on Conor McGregor: “He has done a lot for the sport, everyone should be grateful and he has helped us all”

Aspen Ladd believes that people are being very unfair to Conor McGregor. Much has been made of McGregor’s antics after the UFC 264 fight. After suffering a fractured tibia, ending his trilogy match with Dustin Poirier, the Irishman criticized the American and He even called his wife, Jolie, a “little bitch”.

McGregor has been widely criticized for his actions and although Ladd disagrees with the comments, believing that haters should step back. This is what he said to Brian Campbell of Morning Kombat.


“I think that the only thing i saw he handled incorrectly was his post match interview, but the guy was suffering. Everybody is basically shitting all over him, but just broke his leg, just lost a fight, he’s not in a good mental placeLadd said.

Anyone who hates McGregor really shouldn’t. He has done a lot for the sport. (It’s almost the same as) Ronda Rousey, what’s your opinion of her. It is like, everyone should be grateful. Sure, you may want that (person), you may want to do that. But these people have elevated the sport… They have done a great job, they have helped us all«.

Ronda Rousey has also defended McGregor. He even praised the “Notorious” for setting up a fourth match with Poirier while suffering his leg injury. Ladd was expected to share the Octagon with Macy Chiasson at UFC Vegas 32 this Saturday night (July 24). Chiasson ended up suffering an injury, so the fight will not take place.


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