The European People’s Party he does not trust the use of the public funds of the taxpayers that can make the rulers of Spain and Italy. The leader of the European People’s Party (PPE), the German Manfred Weber, has called for “rigorous monitoring” of the reconstruction funds received by Spain and Italy and “control that they are not allocated to budget holes”

In an interview with the newspaper ‘Die Welt’Weber has said that “we need strict controls to allocate these funds. I am saying it clearly: it cannot be that those funds are destined to cover budgetary holes or to pay for pensions, “he said.

According to Weber, the European citizen must have guarantees that the funds “are allocated correctly”

According to Weber, the European citizen must have sufficient guarantees that the funds that are articulated to alleviate the ravages of the pandemic “make sense” and that they are allocated “correctly”, reports Efe.

The leader of the PPE in the Eurochamber It launches these warnings in relation to the so-called reconstruction funds – or “recovery funds” – still under discussion among community leaders and waiting for the European Commission (EC) to finalize its proposal.

Along with the allusion to the Spanish and Italian cases, as European partners most affected by the Weber coronavirus pandemic, he refers to the “doubts” generated by the Czech Republic and his “more than limited confidence” in the conduct of the Prime Minister of That country, Andrej Babis.

The EC is expected to finalize its recovery or reconstruction plan on May 27. This plan includes a proposal for the future long-term community budget (2021-2027) and one for the creation of a recovery fund.

Ursula von der Leyen

The President of the Commission, Ursula von der LeyenIt has advanced that the recovery fund will focus on the countries that need aid the most. He also confirmed that part of it will come in the form of non-refundable subsidies, as claimed by Spain or France, which would be combined with loans.

Germany, along with other partners, has opposed the issuance of shared debt – or Eurobonds – and insists on linking that fund to the bloc’s budgets.