asks that the Grand Slam be played to the best of three sets

The ‘war’ between Novak Djokovic Y Rafael Nadal extends beyond the slopes. Nole and Rafa have a cordial relationship, but their motivations and priorities are far from the same. This discrepancy between the two was again evident in the Masters Cup, where both were asked about their preferences in the Grand Slam format, Y Djokovic distinguished himself from what Nadal had chosen hours ago.

“This takes so long that the truth is that I don’t think there is a chance for it to change. I am in favor of three sets being played in all tournaments“Djokovic assured at a press conference, after beating Diego Schwartzman in his ATP Finals debut.

“I think we have enough tournaments and matches, with eleven months of competition, from January 1 to the end of November. I see no reason to play best-of-five, apart from the fact that it is something historical », said the Serbian, who completed his speech. “We have to keep up the tradition, but explore some changes, like playing fewer sets, changing the scoring system or the schedule.”

Rafa, five sets

Nadal, unlike Djokovic, had responded with a favorable response to maintaining the five-set format in the Grand Slams, something that besides being a continuist, favors him due to his style of play. «I am against removing all five sets at the Grand Slams. It is part of the history of our sport. Playing five sets implies being more solid for a longer time, being physically and mentally stronger ”, argued Rafa, in favor of maintaining this difference in duration between the four best tournaments on the calendar and the rest.