ASKO, the Scandinavian brand of high-end appliances, arrives in Spain

A company with more than 70 years of history in the appliance industry and recently acquired by Hisense.

Named after its founder, a Finnish carpenter named Aukusti Asko-Avonius, the ASKO furniture company made the leap to home appliances in 1950, when a young Swedish innovator built a washing machine to make life easier for his mother. The washing machine had superior cleaning performance, thanks to a built-in water heating system, spinning, and a durable stainless steel frame that made it very popular. Today, more than 70 years later, ASKO is a Swedish brand inspired by Scandinavian values ​​such as design, innovation, quality and durability.

Functional and minimalist design

“ASKO’s products are inspired by Scandinavia, as evidenced by their functional and minimalist design, the high quality of the products and their environmental responsibility. Values ​​that fit perfectly with the tastes of the most demanding consumers who seek to equip their kitchen with the best on the market ”, says José Manuel Guillén, commercial director of ASKO. “The arrival of ASKO to the Iberian market implies a commitment to the design and quality of household appliances that complement each other perfectly.”

Three categories

The new products that will arrive in Spain and Portugal are divided into three different categories according to their design: Craft, made of stainless steel and with solid metal knobs; Elements, with black finishes reminiscent of the geology of Scandinavia; and Pro Series, made with stainless steel, glass doors and robust steel handles, which give an even more professional look to the kitchen.

Induction hobs for professional cooking

Among the many ASKO products, the HI1994MF hob stands out, which allows you to cook quickly, easily and safely by offering intelligent programs that automate routine tasks such as boiling, frying, grilling or keeping the fire hot, among others. Its Easy Dial controls make it easy to control the hob, in addition to having Real Bridge zones to create a single, larger cooking area and thus optimize the cooking space.

Fusion Volcano Wok Burner

Within ASKO’s extensive catalog, its countertops also feature the Fusion Volcano Wok burner. Its instant heat transfer helps maintain and generate a large amount of heat, as well as effectively directing it to the bottom of the pan, rather than the sides, even as more ingredients are added.

Ovens with multiple solutions for a smart kitchen

The brand has different types of ovens: steam, pyrolytic, multifunction and 5 in 1, all of them with different finishes, both in stainless steel and black steel. The new steam technology of ASKO ovens guarantees perfect cooking results by producing pure steam, that is, steam that does not have water droplets so the food cooks evenly in its own juice. Thanks to their Pure Steam function they are able to combine heat with steam and cook in different phases. In addition, its 1.3-liter water tank capacity stands out within the sector for allowing the user to cook for 80 minutes with a 45 cm oven.

For their part, ovens such as the OCS8487B model have a unique feature on the market: they have 5 modes in 1 to bring together functions of steam, microwave, conventional oven, oven + microwave and a combination of steam and microwave. Its versatility allows complete integration and saves a lot of space in the kitchen.

Unbeatable dishwashers for a more complete and long-lasting wash

ASKO manufactures dishwashers for commercial and industrial use. Its products are used in hotels, hairdressers or nurseries, places where dishes get dirty several times a day. For this reason, models like the FI676GXXL are able to withstand all the demands of use as they are made with professional materials, that is, with more steel and less plastic, in addition to being focused on achieving high durability, quality and performance. Among its infinity of new features we can find Aqua Safe, an advanced safety system that includes a PEX hose and a welded stainless steel tank, as well as intelligent systems such as the anti-blockage drain pump and Aqua Detect sensors.

These dishwashers also have a Super Cleaning System +, capable of cleaning the filter and all interior surfaces after the pre-wash and in turn rinse the load and start the main wash with rinsed dishes.

ASKO dishwasher systems feature eleven high-powered sprayers that ensure that the entire load is perfectly clean. There are two Power Zones in the lower part so that even the dirtiest pans are perfectly clean, and a third in the cutlery area.

A unique washing and drying process on the market

ASKO tests all of its washers before they leave the factory. And, in addition, they are the only ones on the market without rubber on the door, which guarantees a hygienic wash cycle, as well as a clean, germ-free drum. In addition, its design and capacity make it an easy appliance to load and unload.

The brand’s dryers, such as the T408HD.S, stand out for their Butterfly drying system, which is responsible for spinning the clothes in the shape of an eight inside to leave the clothes completely soft and prevent them from piling up.

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