Asics follows new rules and mariachi is its new brand ambassador

Asics is one of the oldest brands in the sports market and its diversification in various physical disciplines, a business opportunity.

The sports market has not disappointed the market and thus sets increasingly bold guidelines for the consumer.

Nowadays, references are established that we cannot lose sight of in the market, such as innovation in communication within it.

Sports sponsorship has been filled with various rules and this time it has imposed trends, before which it warns how it will collaborate with influencers, just as Asics has done.

Communication by brands has been vital in this health contingency and in fact there are estimates that warn of how well the influencers industry did, with positive income during this phenomenon.

In the midst of this communication through social networks, a very interesting phenomenon has been patented and it is the one that has to do with the way in which brands manage to be relevant to the consumer.

A mariachi ambassador of a sports brand

Brands starring in common narratives for consumers is a measure that firms cannot ignore, on the contrary, this largely defines the ability of these firms to innovate in the market.

Faced with this phenomenon, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that reveals to us how necessary it becomes for brands, to bet on guidelines that are not necessarily concentrated in the categories they dominate.

We have discovered an excellent example in this regard with Asics’ decision to sponsor the mariachi Jesús Gama, after he announced on the networks that he was the new brand ambassador.

Gama is an artist who attracted attention when one of his videos caught the attention of Shakira, who published its content and achieved its popularity.

Gama’s strategy is to create content dressed as a mariachi, a profession that he has been performing for years, in which he performs all kinds of choreographies.

With the decision of Asics, to bet on a mariachi in its communication, it reveals to us the need with which brands are putting aside these old norms in which the operation of a brand was limited with personalities of the category in which they work.

Narratives in social networks

Working with influencers opens the way to the design of increasingly relevant narratives in the market, through which it is possible to better understand the understanding of the consumer and how necessary it becomes to be able to understand it.

An aspect that we cannot lose sight of today is that which reveals to us how necessary it is for brands to star in narratives, where it undoubtedly becomes important to understand the consumer, which is why many guidelines have been focused on social issues, such as as did Ikea, which was one of the first brands to direct its advertising to the recognition of the consumer who could be confined at the beginning of the pandemic.

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