Asia Ortega (‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’): “Amaia pulls the car and Paul pulls her so she doesn’t derail”

The actress presents her character as a « rebel without a cause, but as the series progresses we see that she does have a cause. »

Sergio Navarro February 18, 2021 (13 hours ago)

‘El Internado: Las Cumbres’ is about to open its doors and from FormulaTV we have spoken with its protagonist, Asia Ortega. On February 19, the first season of this fiction will be released, which will attract a new audience and recover the nostalgic people who saw the original. The actress tells us all the details of Amaia, her character, and tells us where she would like her to go in possible future seasons.

Headlines from Asia Ortega

« Amaia is a rebel without a cause, but as the series progresses we see that she does have a cause » « It is the courage of the series, she carries that passion and is very instinctive and intuitive » « She has a physical limitation that is a weapon of double edged, which can be used as a superpower «  » It is a very choral series, but it is true that Amaia and Paul are the ones who pull the car «  » Amaia pulls the car and Paul pulls Amaia so that she does not derail him, because she is quite crazy «  » It is my first protagonist and there was pressure but also a lot of desire to put all the meat on the grill «  » Albert Salazar has been a great discovery. We have all made a great family «  » Albert and I make a very productive tandem  » « Paul and Amaia are the two sides of the same coin that makes the story work » « How nice it is that two people who do not understand each other join forces for a goal » « I feel very comfortable filming at night. I don’t see the hours go by and I’m always on top «  » We are all very punk on the set, you know ndo that work is the important thing «  » I am an actress who works from the truth and locations are another character; when you breathe that atmosphere you connect with a direct link «  » I would like to see Amaia in a learning process, but I hope she maintains that touch of rebellion «  » The people who saw ‘El internado: Laguna negra’ are going to feel cared for, with some wink «