Ashley Graham confesses her hair fell out in traumatic amounts after having her baby

The model Ashley graham You could not feel happier and more fulfilled thanks to the endless satisfactions that your son Isaac has given you since his birth in January 2020. However, and faithful to its policy of total transparency, The mannequin has also had no qualms about revealing, in conversation with the ‘Parents’ portal, some of the most worrying and frightening effects of your first labor, related to your skin and hair.

In addition to suffering from the occasional rash on his body and, more generally, a skin irritation that he could only combat with very specific products for atopic skin, the catwalk star couldn’t stop her hair from falling out in large quantities during the weeks after giving birth: an experience, the latter, which she has not hesitated to define as traumatic.

I think the most traumatic part of all this was not the experience of giving birth, but the fact that afterwards my hair fell out in clumps. At first I thought I was doing something myself, but it turns out to be a well-known condition. My skin was also irritated frequently and it was very difficult for me to lose weight ”, the artist explained in her surprising interview.

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