The prisons have experienced an increase in VIP inmates in recent days, since this Thursday the problems with the justice of two celebrities on our television were discovered. One of them is Ernesto Neyra, ex-husband of Carmina Ordóñez and contestant of ‘This kitchen is a hell’. The other has taken care of reveal ‘Sálvame’ exclusively and his identity corresponds to Asdrúbal, Bibiana Fernández’s ex-husband who the actress met on a trip to Cuba.

Asdrúbal, Bibiana Fernández’s ex-husband, detained numerous times in Florida

The model has lived for years in Miami where, far from leading an ordinary life, he has been illegal on numerous occasions. ‘White ants’ tried to find out in the installment dedicated to Bibiana Fernández what does the Cuban do in the United StatesAlthough the team did not get a very clear answer. The same production company, La Fábrica de la Tele, has now been able to investigate the hidden face of Asdrúbal and has brought to light some of the crimes that I would have committed at this time.

According to the Telecinco afternoon program, the contestant on ‘The island of the famous’ would have been arrested on numerous occasions. The police would have arrested him four times for vandalism, robbery without weapons, theft and for driving without a license, among other offenses, all committed since December 2019. Although at this time he would not be in jail, he has spent long periods behind bars for the listed infractions, for which he would have a bail of more than $ 100,000.

Arrested in 2009 for sexual assault

Oblivious to all this, Bibiana Fernández has learned the information of Asdrúbal’s arrest through Víctor Sandoval, a long-time friend of the Cuban. « I was affected because she loves him very much« said the collaborator about the actress, who was married to him between 2000 and 2003.

It is not the first time that Asdrúbal stars in news related to justice. In 2009, the Cuban was arrested in Spain for a complaint filed by a woman with whom he had a certain romantic relationship. It then claimed to have been sexually assaulted but no evidence was found, so the prosecution was unsuccessful. The model, after a night in the jail, denied the crime at all times and even threatened to file a false claim.