Almost without us realizing it, robotics is evolving at a rate unthinkable just 10 years ago. We have more and more intelligent robots, but above all, more agile and independent. A good example is Ancestor, a robot that despite walking on two legs, It is able to move on all types of terrain, including slopes, without falling. And endure blows and pushes like a boxer.

The most interesting thing of all is that Ascento has been developed by a group of engineering students from the ETH Zurich Institute of Technology, in Switzerland, as an end of degree project. And the result beats most professional robots.

Ascento is a compact two-legged robot with wheels. This aspect of a circus juggler produces a false sense of fragility, because as we see in this video, nothing can knock him down. It is even capable of jumping and climbing stairs:

Most of this robot has been printed with a 3D printer. Fundamentally, its casing and its legs.

From a technical point of view the most striking thing is the optimized geometry of your legs, with a structure of three bars to increase its solidity. Each has an independent electric motor, so they move separately. So one can go up and down independently of the other. This is vital for moving around steep terrain, or rolling on different surfaces.

Ascento uses a mathematical algorithm to avoid falling. Analyze movement, inertia, and the force it supports in the legs, to balance.

Its low center of gravity, and the ability to move with your legs at different heights, is vital to staying stable even on slopes, or when hit.

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Furthermore, Ascento has cameras and sensors that create a 3D map of the surroundings to move autonomously and avoid obstacles, as we see in the video.

It surprises that such an advanced robot has been created by university students they just finished the race. They have already formed their own company, and they surely have a bright future ahead.