As never before! Aislinn Derbez shows her most ardent side

As never before!  Aislinn Derbez shows her most ardent side (Instagram)

As never before! Aislinn Derbez shows her most ardent side | Instagram

The beautiful actress Aislinn derbez She has completely unleashed the lust with a series of photos in a lace ensemble, posing for the first time since her pregnancy and I have even compared her to the actress Penelope Cruz.

There is no doubt that Aislinn Derbez is recognized by her admirers as one of the most beautiful in the world of show and this time it left them all speechless.

The protagonist of the film “A la mala” shared yesterday on her social networks several photographs showing her charms.

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In fact, it was the photographer named Henry Jiménez, who managed to have an exclusive photo session with the actress, in which he posed before the camera lens in s3nsual clothes. lace lingerie.

Eugenio Derbez’s daughter shared the results of those photographs on her official Instagram account, with which she got more than a million likes with both publications.


As expected, the reaction of her fans was approving of the photos, especially Vadhir Derbez, the actress’s brother, who joked about the future of Aislinn’s career.

Henry chingdamdre! Stop pulling my sister to the dark side. Then you like it and what’s next? Only fans will open up no no no hahaha (sic) ”, Aislinn’s brother wrote.

Later, in another comment, Vadhir acknowledged that the photographs are extremely good and praised the work of both the photographer and his sister, whom he described as “beautiful.”


However, it seems that Eugenio Derbez He is not happy with the behavior of his eldest daughter and pointed out that he did not raise her that way.

I didn’t raise her like that. That has to come from his mother’s side, ”answered Derbez, alluding to the fact that everything that was wrong in her children was taught by her ex-partners.

And another that reacted to the sensual photographs of Aislinn Derbez was the famous actor Jaime Camil, who also received the interaction of Eugenio himself.

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Not only will my little brother @ederbez judge you, I too, in my role as Father (family, not church) I’m going to be asking you to cover me, please, “wrote Camil.

It is worth mentioning that the history of these photographs was related by the same author, who announced that for years he had wanted to make this type of images with Aislinn as the protagonist.

I had been trying for years to convince @aislinnderbez to take some s3nsual photos in the Henry Jiménez style haha, until finally it was done to me !! Was it worth the wait ?? ”, asked the photographer.

While Eiza González, Marimar Vega, Sarah Kohan, Jimena Longoria, Rosana Nájera, Maribel Guardia, Camila Sodi, Renata Notni, were some of the personalities who liked the publications of Aislinn Derbez and Henry Jimenez Kerbox.

Aislinn Derbez has always been considered one of the celebrities who seek to encourage self-love by accepting her body and personality as it is.

And in fact, it was a few weeks after becoming Kailani’s mother that she shared a photo of her postpartum body.

However, time passed and although she has seen incredible photos showing her figure in bathing suits, this session in lingerie was the first after becoming a mother.

And well, Henry convinced me and took these photos of me and I did like them, and well, here waiting for Eugenio Derbez to judge my photo ”, was part of the publication.