The visit of the Kings Felipe VI and Letizia to the city of Córdoba put the team of ‘Four a day’ in serious difficulties. Before the landing of the monarchs in the old town from Seville, Joaquín Prat gave way to reporter María López, but the tumult of journalists and members of Casa Real security made their work almost impossible.

The reporter María López suffered serious difficulties in Córdoba

« We can hardly move because there are the comrades in the media and those responsible for Casa Real, » the reporter was trying to state when a photographer accidentally hit his right hand and threw his phone on the ground. After recovering the device, López had to endure the shocks of the Casa Real security: « I’m live, sir, » he tried to explain. And he added the obvious: « This is chaotic« 

Joaquín Prat, who did not give credit from the set, then decided to cut the connection. « To see this ridiculous show in which he does not let himself be informed … I am going to leave you to look for a place and when we see the Kings we will see them, when these gentlemen let us work, « claimed the presenter. » They have not left us, Joaquín, « the reporter reproached.

« Like sheep »

Back on the set, Prat denounced what happened together with the socialists: « Pussy, as if we were sheep. Not. Now, when the head of the state and his wife appear, we already see everything ordered. When they let us work, « ditched the presenter. Minutes later, calmer, they resumed the connection. » Just come the security officers, it seems that they are looking for the connections, « joked the reporter, who could barely see the kings among the crowds of people.