As if it did not bring !, Andrea Legarreta and her blouse that does not hide

As if it did not bring !, Andrea Legarreta and her blouse that does not hide | Instagram

It does not hide anything! The beautiful host of the Hoy Program, Andrea Legarreta, left her followers speechless with a unique style and a blouse that seems to have no reason for being, this because it really does not hide anything about the beautiful anatomy of Erik’s wife Rubin.

Andrea Legarreta Martinez She posed for the naughty lens of the most flirtatious and like a true professional, letting her beauty and anatomy shine to the fullest with a background so subtle that the only thing that stands out in the image is her person.

The also actress decided to use a tailored suit to pose for the camera, but what Internet users did not expect was that Andrea Legarreta pose with the bag in his hand and reveal what was underneath.

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Hoy’s main host chose a black blouse but made entirely of translucent fabric, which caused what is under it to be visible, something that did not cause concern to the Televisa star.

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The television presenter accompanied her beautiful image with an expression that makes her look more than attractive and her hair quite relaxed. It was evident in this photograph how much Galilea Montijo’s companion is in shape.

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Andrea’s blouse exposed her waist and flat abdomen, which causes the admiration and envy of the young women, because at 50 years of age, the driver looks more than spectacular; some even say better than when he was young.

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Andrea Legarreta has shown her secret on social networks, where her enormous discipline in Pilates has been evidenced, which has given her well-formed anatomy a lot of elasticity and tone.

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