As a zebra, Maribel Guardia looks beautiful and elegant for Instagram

As a zebra, Maribel Guardia looks beautiful and elegant for Instagram (Instagram)

As a zebra, Maribel Guardia looks beautiful and elegant for Instagram | Instagram

Maribel Guardia showed on Instagram that elegance and coquetry are not at all in conflict, this with an elegant and modern outfit with a zebra print that allowed her to show off on the famous social network.

The host and actress was shown on her official Instagram account with a really cute outfit, which despite being a tailored suit is quite modern and flirty thanks to its zebra print, but it is tight enough to the body of Maribel guard to reveal that it has a spectacular silhouette that many 20-year-olds would already want.

The beautiful conductive She wore a patterned shirt under her modern suit, high transparent sandals that left her feet in full view, and a white hat that gave her look the most “chic” style.

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The beautiful Maribel Guardia took nature as an accomplice and we can see green leaves in the background and the famous one resting on the trunk of a cut tree.

This publication has been shared a day ago and has exceeded 45 thousand reactions on the famous social network and more than 400 comments flattering the beauty of the actress and host.
With her eyes closed and her dreams awake, the beautiful artist wrote along with her photograph.

Not even Yuri herself could resist the charms of Maribel guard and commented “beautiful as always friend”.

Just a day before, the beautiful actress and host Maribel Guardia impressed Internet users on social networks by also posing for Instagram in an imposing red dress with a tremendous neckline.

The beautiful Maribel Guardia is not only possessed of enormous beauty but also of exquisite taste when it comes to dressing and it was more than clear in this majestic outfit. With this garment, the famous driver caught thousands of glances as the color highlights her skin tone and the pronounced neckline on the chest and leg make her truly spectacular.

Maribel Guardia accompanied this outfit with golden sneakers and long matching earrings, on her wrist some bracelets of the color of the dress and her long, straight hair that made her look like a beauty queen.

This publication was made two days ago and exceeded 130 thousand reactions and a thousand comments talking about the beauty of this conductive.

Maribel Guardia took the opportunity to share a beautiful message to her followers and ask them never to stop.

The longest way is to stand still, wrote the famous beauty next to the photograph.

The beautiful 61-year-old actress never ceases to surprise locals and strangers to look like a young girl in her various projects and social networks.

There are even those who assure that this famous woman must have a very good secret for her beauty since she looks even more beautiful than in her youth.

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Maribel Guardia has an athletic and curvy body, a marked abdomen, toned legs and firm arms, something that many women years younger than her would like.

For the followers of the ex of Joan Sebastian To see her in a two-piece swimsuit is to admire a true work of art and these types of publications quickly place her in social media trends.

But it seems that this famous is not at all selfish and usually shares her beauty secret with her friends, because one of the closest, Lourdes Munguía looks really young and spectacular at 59 years of age.