The indie scene is getting bigger in the world of video games. Every week we can see that a large number of independent games are added to video game libraries, and how could it be otherwise, they also join Nintendo Switch, filling the eShop with numerous games. There are smaller games, but then there are others somewhat larger, as is the protagonist of this news. The eXiin studio is in charge of creating the beautiful and wonderful world of Ary and Secret of Seasons, where we play the valiant guardian Ary to save the world of Valdi and recapture all seasons.

New gameplay with new mechanics of our heroine

Little by little we are learning more about this game that mixes adventures with puzzles and platforms, a great symbiosis that if we add the artistic style that it has, gives rise to a perfect fusion. Ary and the Secret of Seasons was scheduled to be released on July 28, but a few weeks ago, we learned from the development team that the game was delaying its release date to September due to the coronavirus pandemic. As we said, there is not much information that we know about the game, but today we can show you a new commented gameplay from the hand of one of its writers, Genese Davis, reviewing Ary’s mechanics to restore order in the land of Valdi.

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