Arturo Islas launches his documentary on Earth Day and invites us to reflect | INSTAGRAM

Today April 22 is Earth Day, so the naturalist, lecturer and influencer, Arturo Islas Allende, collaborating remotely with three specialists in the environment, made a documentary where they reflect from their home on the environment environment, the impact of human beings on it and even their own experiences inviting us to reflect and make some changes.

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Thanks to the quarantine, social networks have been flooded with people commenting or artists sharing what they know how to do, so this renowned young Mexican man decided to talk about what he knows best.

Aquatic animals trapped on the shores of the beaches, microorganisms never seen before on the beaches, animals that are not normally seen walking the streets, this and more being part of the documentary: “The last breath”, shared on official Facebook and Instagram by Arturo Islas.

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The announcement was made through his official Twitter, where he wrote: “The earth has given us everything, absolutely everything, today is a day to thank you so much, to recognize and appreciate you, today is Earth day. Today it will be available on a few minutes THE LAST SIGH. “

He continued adding: “He left you the LINK of the last breath, it is a gift for Mother Earth today, it will make you reflect, give Mother Earth a few minutes of her quarantine day, I hope you like it …”

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In his documentary, Arturo focuses on the impact that humans have on the planet, ensuring that the earth does not need humans as humans need the earth, using dinosaurs as an example, despite the fact that the earth is extinct It continued its existence without fail, so humans should consider changing the way we relate to it.

Arturo is one of the few Mexican influencers who really do something positive with their attention and the impact they have on young people and society in general. Arturo Islas Allende, lecturer, knows how to do it and this time he did not disappoint us.

Arturo Islas Allende is a 32-year-old Mexican boy, passionate about the environment. For 10 years of career, he has served as an actor, producer and speaker. All the contents created by Arturo have one purpose: to make the population aware of the environmental problem that our planet is experiencing, and how we can do something to stop it.