Arturo, Excalibur, are you? They find a knight and his sword at the bottom of a lagoon

The discovery of an ancient knight and his sword at the bottom of a lagoon amazed European archaeologists.

An alleged ancient knight and his sword, in addition to other weapons, were found at the bottom of a lagoon in Europe. The event recalled the fate of the mythical sword Excalibur, of the legendary King Arthur.

The discovery occurred on Lake Asveja, in eastern Lithuania. The remains belong to a man who, according to forensic examinations, died in the 16th century.

However, according to archaeologist Elena Pranck-nait, the person was not buried. It is presumed that he died and the water currents moved the sediments, which covered both the corpse and his weapons.

It is the first time a medieval soldier has been discovered underwater in Lithuania, stated the researcher.

This is what archaeologists discovered

The discovery occurred because the Dubingiai Bridge girders are being repaired. The workers observed the remains and notified the authorities.

Archaeologists and amateur divers located the knight and his weapons at a depth of thirty feet.

« For now we assume that these human remains could be linked to the ancient bridge leading to Dubingiai Castle, » said Pranck-nait.

What specifically did the divers find?

The skeleton remarkably preserved.
A pair of leather boots with spurs and a buckled leather belt.
The sword, made of iron and two knives with wooden handles.

« The discovery is really fresh and still needs to be carefully analyzed, » said archaeologist Pranck-nait, noting that they hope to get results in a year.

The story of King Arthur and Excalibur

The event recalled the story of Arturo and the sword Excalibur. According to a legend, whoever drew the sword stuck in the stone would reign in ancient Britain: it was achieved by a young man named Arthur.

Another legend tells that the young man broke any sword, which was later replaced by the mythical Excalibur thanks to a witch in a lake.

After several adventures, which ended with Arthur reigning in what is now England until his death, the sword was carried to the bottom of the same lake and received by the witch.