Artist pays homage to classic Spider-Man comics with cool illustration

Classic Spider-Man

Spider-Man swinging with his cobwebs in a classic comic

In the Marvel comic called Amazing Fantasy # 15 (1962) Spider-Man made his first official appearance, which attracted a lot of fans’ attention. From that moment on, with each of his installments he became more and more known until he became one of the most famous superheroes in the world.

The first comics of this character are still remembered with great nostalgia, as are his animated series of 1967, 1981, 1994 and many others. For this reason, a DeviantArt artist known as Cheeks-74 has made a illustration honoring all years of historyIt’s amazing that Spider-Man has given. In the following image you can see that style of art we are talking about.

Classic Spider-Man ComicClassic Spider-Man Illustrated Comic x Cheeks-74

As can be seen, the artist has made 7 different poses of the superhero with a very peculiar art style, since even though it looks a lot like the classic comics, it also has slight details on the body. However, there are other types of great Fan Arts that fans have made, such as Spider-Zombie and Electro in realistic version.

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