“Arteta is an important person in my life”

There is no team that resists City for now, which plays without ruffling in England. This Sunday, however, Arsenal awaits him with his appetite intact and with a coach who knows Guardiola like no one: “Arteta is an important person in my life. Above all he was a great help when we worked together in Manchester. It makes me happy to see things come out for him, ”explained Santpedor, who had to accept that his right hand wanted to go his own way.

It was the law of life. Arteta always had the soul of a coach and sooner or later he was going to take the plunge: “I don’t think it inspires him or influences the way he manages Arsenal. I also listen a lot to my assistants, to Domènec Torren and Arteta at the time or to Rodolfo Borrell and Juanma Lillo now ”, he said in the prelude to a meeting that Gündogan probably will not reach. The German has been part of the training but is not 100%.

Guardiola respects the trajectory of an Arsenal that has clearly gone from less to more: “For months they have played better than their rivals. And, although a coach needs to win, above all he wants to see that his team is superior. I have no doubt that Arteta will compete for more titles in the short term, ”Pep stressed. Although to reach the level as to question the Premier to the City he has a long time left. A precious commodity in short supply, now also in England.

The City seems impervious to defeat. You can see it from the outside and from the inside if you notice the phrase of an Ancelotti who commented that he cannot stand up to the Manchester team: “I appreciate your intention but I do not share your opinion,” replied the Catalan. At Goodison Park, Foden shone once again, believing that he lacks time to understand the game: “When I find a balance between the pace required to play indoors and at the winger, it will be ten times better.” Guardiola’s word.