Although most major releases are looking for new dates for their release once the cinemas reopen their doors after the confinement to which practically the entire planet is subjected, some of these films change their strategy and arrive directly at homes. The last to join this trend has been ‘Artemis Fowl‘, a movie based on the first book in Eoin Colfer’s best-selling series to arrive exclusively at Disney +.

At the moment, the date on which the film directed by Kenneth Branagh arrived on Disney’s streaming service has not been confirmed. Its premiere on the big screen was to be on May 29, 2020, but there is no indication if Disney will keep that date or if on the contrary move it some week.

Regarding the possible causes that have led Disney to adopt this decision, it must be said that the last trailer for the film, published a few weeks ago, left many fans worried that the tone of the adaptation of Brahnagh differed markedly from the successful series. from books. Against this background, perhaps the studio’s decision to release the film as a high-profile project for its streaming service (‘The Lady and the Tramp’ type) is a wise one.

It is also to be seen if this decision will affect all the countries where Disney + emits or if, on the contrary, it will only be released in the United States. It happened for example with ‘Frozen 2’, a movie that is available only to subscribers to the streaming service in the United States, with the difference that this movie had already had a more than successful film premiere.

It is a fascinating fantasy story told by the journey of Artemis, a 12-year-old genius. Artemis is the descendant of a lineage of crime masters who sets out to search for his father, mysteriously disappeared, and who ends up discovering an ancient underground civilization: The incredibly advanced world of fairies.

Newcomer Ferdia Shaw portrays its protagonist, while Lara McDonnell (‘The unexpected of love’) plays Captain Holly Short, a feisty and energetic elf that Artemis kidnaps to ask the fairies for gold in exchange for their rescue.

In the Fairy Underworld of Haven City, Academy Award winner Judy Dench (‘Skyfall’) plays Commander Root, leader of the reconnaissance division of LEPrecon, the Fairy Police Force, and Josh Gad (‘ Beauty and the Beast ‘) embodies Mulch Diggums, a kleptman dwarf who attempts to rescue Holly.

On the surfaceNonso Anozie (‘Cinderella’) plays Butler, the Fowl family’s bodyguard, and Tamara Smart (‘The Worst Witch’) plays Butler’s niece Juliet. For her part, Miranda Raison (‘Murder on the Orient Express’) plays Angeline, Artemis’s mother, and Colin Farrella Artemis Fowl I, her father.

Other cast members include Josh McGuire (‘A Matter of Time’), Hong Chau (‘A Big Life’), Nikesh Patel (‘Goal: London’), Michael Abubakar (‘Trust Me’), Jake Davies (‘X + Y’), Rachel Denning (Doctor Who), Matt Jessup (‘Club Desmadre’), Simone Kirby (‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’), Sally Messham (‘ Allies’) and Adrian Scarborough (‘The Miserable ‘).

Branagh brings with him several members of his regular team of collaborators such as Haris Zambarloukos, director of photography; Jim Clay, production designer; Patrick Doyle, composer; or Carol Hemming, hair and makeup designer, who worked on ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, a film directed by Branagh in 2017. The costume designer is Sammy Sheldon Differ (‘Assassin’s Creed’), and the film montage runs given by Martin Walsh (‘Wonder Woman’).