Arrow Electronics and ROOQ team up to innovate in sports monitoring

ROOQ boxing technology offers sophisticated performance data through sensors, an app and an online portal

Global technology solutions provider Arrow Electronics (NYSE: ARW) and ROOQ, an innovator in sports measurement and analysis technology, have partnered to create ROOQ BOX, a sensor-based technology that enables boxers to monitor and analyze their own performance using data previously only obtainable in labs.

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ROOQ BOX (Photo: Business Wire)

ROOQ BOX includes a pair of sensors built into a bracelet for each wrist. The sensors record the movements made during boxing activity. This data is then analyzed in the ROOQ application and in the cloud using machine learning algorithms to provide an accurate record of the session. With this information, boxers and coaches can create a detailed view of the training, including the count, speeds, variability and power of the blows. The algorithm has been programmed to identify eight different types of punches and automatically categorize them, simultaneously filtering out non-boxing specific movements.

The data provided by sensor technology, previously inaccessible to athletes, provides an invaluable tool to help boxers monitor and improve their performance. This information can be shared with your coaches. To develop this system, ROOQ has drawn on the vast experience of its team of specialists in data, software, hardware and firmware, sports scientists and mathematicians, as well as boxers and trainers. This experience reaches the highest levels: ROOQ’s head of sports, Henry Maske, is an Olympic boxing champion (gold medalist in Seoul in 1988) and professional world champion (from 1993 to 1996).

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Arrow has been instrumental in leading the project in the areas of firmware and hardware between component vendors and the development and manufacturing departments. In addition, the engineering services of eInfochips were used in the project. Arrow used its logistics and supply chain expertise to bring product to market and production to expand smoothly and efficiently.

“This successful collaboration with ROOQ is a perfect example of how teams of experts have joined forces and overcome tough business challenges together,” said Martin Bielesch, president of Arrow’s EMEA components business. “Arrow’s technical and logistical services have enabled ROOQ to focus and apply its industry-leading knowledge to deliver an entirely new way to capture boxing diagnostic data,” adds Bielesch.

Henry Maske sees many benefits in the cooperation between the two companies: “Arrow is a reliable and solution-oriented partner for us. We benefit from their vast experience and excellent global network.”

Boxing is just the beginning. Training diagnostic technology can be applied to everything. Ralf Rüttgers, founder and CEO of ROOQ, is convinced that the areas of application of ROOQ are many and comments: “The new developments and their transfer to the market of fitness and other related sports, as well as their use in the industrial sector, are all possible options. Sectors such as prevention, safety and health will play a role in our analysis of future training. “

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About ROOQ

ROOQ is about to enter the world market with its training analysis technology. The company has an interdisciplinary team of more than 25 members at its headquarters in Aachen (Germany). The technological model developed in 2018 is a novelty in the world of boxing. For the first time, athletes and coaches were able to receive individualized information on their athletic performance. For more information, visit

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