arrives and leaves the airport like any other car

At the end of last year he made a real flight for the first time and now the AirCar has already managed to make the first interurban flight. The most realistic flying car to date took off from Nitra airport in Slovakia and half an hour later landed at the airport in the capital Bratislava. To get to the airport and later leave it, the pilot used the same thing that he used to fly between cities: the AirCar.

Professor Stefan Klein is the architect of all this. Under his company Klein Vision he has made this flying car a reality after his first attempts with the AeroMobil. The AirCar is a hybrid between car and plane that works both by road and by air.

When on land and around town looks like a sports car with a giant spoiler. However, with the push of a button, it unfolds its wings that come out from the interior and flips the spoiler back to lengthen it. Out of nowhere, a plane comes out.

Inside it has a 160 hp BMW engine and also has a ballistic parachute in case of emergency. In recent months the inventor of the AirCar says that he has already performed more than 40 hours of flight including feats such as a maximum cruising speed of 190 km / h, turns of 45 degrees, altitude of 2,500 meters and more.

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Preparing the commercial version

After all these tests during the last years, the company is ready to produce a commercial vehicle. They have not yet given many details about it, although they say that it will return to the user the freedom originally attributed to the car, now in the air.

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The flying car that will hit the market will be equipped with a 300 hp engine and its maximum cruising speed will reach 300 km / h. As far as autonomy is concerned, they promise 1,000 km. Of course, it will be necessary to see what permission it receives from EASA and other air regulators. And, of course, the price at which it goes on sale.

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