Arrimadas says he would support a PP motion against Sánchez

Inés Arrimadas, with a megaphone. (Photo: Miquel Benitez via .)

Inés Arrimadas, leader of Ciudadanos, has granted this Sunday an interview with the newspaper El Mundo in which she assures that if Pablo Casado, president of the PP, presents a motion of censure against Pedro Sánchez, the orange party would support it.

However, the reality is that the support of Ciudadanos for an eventual motion of censure presented by the PP would be inconsequential, since the votes of its nine deputies would add up to only 97 with the 88 of the PP. If we add the 52 of the extreme right party Vox, the sum would amount to 149.

Only the votes of the deputies of the PSOE and those of United We Can, which form the government coalition, would already exceed the sum of the three rights, since they would obtain 155 votes between the two.

For his inauguration in January 2020, Sánchez obtained 167 votes in favor and 165 against thanks to the abstention of ERC and Bildu.

Among the parties that voted against Sánchez are Junts and the CUP, which add ten votes and it does not seem that they were for the task of raising the right to power.

In the last hours, Vox has flirted with the idea of ​​re-presenting a motion of censure like the one they already presented in October 2020 and that failed, obtaining only the 52 votes they have and the rejection of the rest of the parties.

The PP, for the moment, has not ruled on this matter, although Casado has asked Sánchez to resign and call elections.

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