Arrested men who used a Caracas Mayor’s Office truck to collect garbage in Chacao

Photo: Román Camacho

Chacao Police officers arrested a group of people on Thursday, January 14, who used a truck owned by Supra Caracas, of the Caracas Mayor’s Office, to illegally collect garbage from the Parque Cristal shopping center.

For this fact, Ángel Amaya, the truck driver; José Azuaje, assistant to the truck; Rafael Forero, operations manager; and Maikol Torrealba, head of security at the shopping center.

The investigation indicated that the mall’s operations personnel hired the private services of the garbage collectors.

Apparently these people used state assets to collect extra money, according to what event journalist Román Camacho reported on Twitter.

The authorities transferred the detainees to the headquarters of the Chacao Police and notified prosecutors of the Public Ministry about the case.