Montevideo.- The Uruguayan Police captured on Saturday the Argentine left-wing militant Sebastián Romero, who fired with a “homemade mortar” at the authorities in front of his country’s Congress, during a demonstration in Buenos Aires in December 2017.

This was confirmed to Efe by sources from the Ministry of the Interior, who explained that the man was detained when trying to enter the country from Brazil through the city of Chuy (southeast).

Romero, linked to the Socialist Unified Workers Party (PSTU), had a request for his arrest since December 18, 2017, a few days after protests that took place outside the Congress building and which left more than a hundred of wounded, including police officers.

That order was also international since February 2018. In fact, on May 23 of that same year, the Argentine Ministry of Security established a reward for whoever provided “useful information” to capture the militant.

In those protests in Buenos Aires due to the approval of a controversial pension reform, several cameras recorded how Romero fired “homemade mortar” at the Police, which in turn acted to disperse the protesters.

Sebastián Romero. / Photography: RRSS.

After that fact, the Ministry blamed Romero “for participating in the violent behavior that took place against the personnel of the Police of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires that formed a containment line to prevent the advance of the public” towards the Congress building, where the reform was debated.

In December 2018, the Argentine Police arrested another protester in Buenos Aires who shot with the homemade mortar.

As reported at the time a statement from the Ministry of Security of that country, the man, 39, had used the weapon with Romero.

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