Arrested for Riding in the Backseat of a Driverless Tesla: Shared Photos on Facebook | Motor

Police have arrested a young American who was riding in the back seat of a driverless Tesla vehicle.

That the person in the driverless Tesla vehicle was going to be stopped was obvious. This 25-year-old decided to ride in the back seat of a Tesla across the San Francisco Bay with no one in the driver’s seat, so it caught the attention of other vehicles, but also shared it on social networks.

The possibility of cars driving themselves opens the door for similar behaviors to be inevitable. Tesla’s technology is getting safer and their vehicles can already go alone on some roads, a novelty that is causing some incidents in recent times.

Not only are cases like this seen, a few weeks ago there was a fatal accident involving a Tesla in which no one was in the driver’s seat and it is feared that incidents of this kind will continue to grow, especially considering the intentions of some people.

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The arrested Param Sharma not only traveled in the back seat of the vehicle and caused other drivers to call 911 to warn about what was happening, he also sought to go viral on social networks and uploaded two photos to Facebook to show how he was traveling, as reported on NBC.

Upon being located by the police, Sharma moved to the front seat with the intention of avoiding being pulled over, but apart from having been seen, the existing evidence was sufficient to arrest him immediately for reckless driving and other possible crimes he could commit. As a sample of what happened, the police shared some images through their social networks.

Surely, it will not be the last time we see similar images. Autonomous driving opens the door for others to seek to go viral on social media through these types of behaviors. Hopefully there are not too many seen some accidents that have occurred.

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