Ernesto Neyra, who was the husband of the late Carmina Ordóñez, has been admitted to the Huelva Penitentiary Center after being detained by the National Police on Monday, August 10, in a hotel in Matalascañas, where he was staying with his girlfriend Rocío. This judicial blow occurred after it weighed on the dancer a search and arrest warrant since he had breached the obligation to enter prison, issued on February 13. Now justice has been able to find him and that is why he has been immediately detained to serve his sentence.

Ernesto Neyra in ‘Viva la vida’

As La Razón advances, whoever was a participant in ‘This kitchen is a hell’ and ‘El Reencuentro’ on Telecinco has been admitted to the Huelva prison but It would not be surprising if you choose to request a transfer to one of the prisons in the province of Seville, where your residence and that of your relatives are located. It will be in one of those penitentiary centers where he must serve the imposed penalty of 90 days in prison for a continuing crime of non-payment of the pension of the three children that he had in common with the also television model Lely Céspedes.

I could have avoided prison

The debt that Neyra accumulated with her children reached 50,000 euros but it ended up amounting to 9,000 by the Céspedes disposition to reach an agreement that would avoid jail, as stated in the aforementioned newspaper. In the same medium it is affirmed referring to the sentence of the Criminal Court number 3 of Malaga that also the bailaor could have perfectly avoided his entry into prison but finally this has had to be made affective since it has not paid the agreed amount nor has he paid the derived fine for civil liability for their acts.

Now a new life is starting for the one who was once a regular face on our small screen and who now he is back in the focus of the media hurricane for this bad news. It should be noted that after entering prison, you mustr 10 days in quarantine in a module with its own patio and where you can make your three daily meals alone. Once this time has passed, they will join the group of other inmates or they can request their transfer to one of the prisons that is closest to their place of residence.