Arrested a young man who had broken more than 400 windows in the New York subway for the amount of € 250,000

Joseph Martínez was arrested last night on suspicion of smashing more than 400 windows on New York Subway cars since May, causing losses of over $ 300,000., about 250,000 eurivers

Martinez, 42, of Queens, was arrested around 8 p.m. after he was seen damaging windows on a Line A train in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, ABC News reported.

You are suspected of being responsible for a destruction pattern of windows in the subway in various Metro lines, since May 8.

The New York police had offered a reward of $ 12,500 for the person who facilitated the arrest of the real perpetrator of such significant damage to the New York subway network.

As agents tracked down the unknown attacker, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) President and CEO Patrick Foye called him a “Sociopath.”

So many windows were smashed that MTA has been running out of replacements, generating possible delays. The police have detected in different videos to which they have had access, that the detainee used a large hammer.