Aroldis Chapman threw 102 miles against the Baltimore Orioles

The Cuban of the Yankees from New York, Aroldis chapman, shot 102 miles against the Baltimore Orioles in the MLB-Major League Baseball.

By confronting the Yankees New York vs Baltimore Orioles, Aroldis chapman he was on fire, pulling straights from 101 miles to 102 miles. Also, his splitter was hovering between 90 and 91 miles.

Chapman struck out all three batters he faced, his pitches were very “nasty”, similar to that Aroldis chapman who was in Cincinnati.

Chapman’s arm picks up power when he throws the Orioles in the MLBThe last time he threw 105 miles was against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium itself.

Here the video:

Now the Cuban adds two innings with six strikeouts and just one hit allowed, letting it be known that with rest he can shoot up to 103 miles, incidentally, he presents improvements.