Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yuichi Yamazaki / .

Arnold schwarzenegger At 72 years old, he remains one of the celebrities in better shape, since he starred in Terminator in the 80s, he has been a man of action.

And now that a lot of people are in quarantine, many lovers of fit life look for a way to exercise at home with results as effective as those of a gym. And to help them Arnold has a very effective routine.

In one of his Instagram posts, the actor goes back to what his home routine is like. Is about weight lifting on the biceps, overhead raises for the back and a little rowing for triceps. Of course, if you do not have weights you can choose to replace them with something from home, such as many have solved it.

The actor recommends doing what you can at home from cycling, push-ups, squats or weights. Also advises stay active during home time. There is no doubt that despite his advanced age he is still a machine.

Since the coronavirus To spread throughout the world, the celebrity recommended that his followers isolate themselves in their homes, to prevent the spread of the virus and is one of those who They have donated to combat the situation.