Arnaud Ducret is the man of the moment! The 41-year-old comedian and actor is the headliner of the TV movie event An Ordinary Man, freely inspired by the life of the very mysterious Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. A program broadcast on M6 this Tuesday, September 15, 2020. No doubt it should be a hit. A few days earlier, we found the artist in Why I Live, a huge audience success. Find out 5 things you didn’t know about the actor.

1 / He was a gospel singer and notably choristered for Nana Mouskouri ! “I started singing, doing choirs, and I let myself be carried away by gospel and musical comedy for eight years. Beside, I did sketches in pizzerias”, he told Ouest France in February 2020. As for her participation alongside the famous Greek singer, this was done on the set of the cult show Star Academy. “They were looking for choristers, so I came to do the chorus of Nana Mouskouri”, he had this time explained in 5 to 7 in 2016.

2 / He is engaged as sponsor of SOS autism. After playing in the film Monsieur je sais tout in 2018, Arnaud Ducret was made aware of autism and decided to put his notoriety at the service of this cause. “I love kids, they have a smile. (…) Children already do not have a filter, but autistic children even less! I will take my son to meet them one day, I want to teach him not to point the finger at the difference. Many associations ask me, I would love to help more, especially when it comes to children, it is close to my heart, but I cannot be everywhere “, he confided then at Figaro.

3 / He has vertigo ! In 2018, Arnaud Ducret had joined the adventurer Mike Horn in the Philippines for the filming of his program Cap Horn and had indeed confirmed his fear of heights. “It taught me that I can still surpass myself, which I ‘I’ve always wanted to do my job. It recharged my batteries in that sense. I also learned that I hate tears, and that I’m still dizzy! “, he always said to Le Figaro. “Regarding Arnaud, I knew that his great fear of heights would quickly become problematic. And that’s why I started directly with an abseiling, even though I had barely known him for five minutes! could see how much someone can trust you, but above all so fast. From that moment on I knew it was going to do it, because he fought his dizziness from start to finish. this adventure, “greeted Mike Horn in 20 minutes.

4 / It is Michael Jackson archi fan. Whether on stage or in promotion, Arnaud Ducret has had the opportunity to evoke this great passion several times. On the waves of Laughs and songs, he even offered a little beatbox to the microphone. On his Instagram account, he amused his fans by posting a photo-montage of him in the skin of the King of Pop and, in November 2019, he posted a video of a gift offered by his lover: a photo box made by Arno Bani representing the American singer.

5 / He tried pole dancing… profession of his darling Claire Francisci. His lover, met behind the scenes at Star Academy, practices this discipline professionally. Madly in love, Arnaud Ducret got caught up in the game and followed his beauty. In April 2020, he was speaking on Europe 1. “I put myself on the bars and I stand by the legs. It’s your legs that hold you and you have your arms outstretched and upside down. I have it. done, well it changed my life, “he said.