WrestleMania 31 was the event where the expected debut of Sting in WWE took place, who faced Triple H in a match that became WWE vs. WCW. The fight ended up being a disappointment to most and featured NWO vs. DX with Triple H covering Sting in his WWE debut.

When asked about Sting and his debut at WrestleMania 31, Arn Anderson noted that Sting’s WWE debut came too late.

Well, I thought it was 15 years too late. I think Undertaker should continue his undefeated streak. It would have been nice if Sting had come when WCW was at its peak and been pushed like the star he was. “

“The match was meant to give you a clear message:” We are WWE, we won the war. Here is your big star, well, he is not a big star here tonight «.

Why nWo came to Sting’s defense?

During the match, DX went out to help Triple H while nWo helped Sting. This was strange to many people because for anyone who knew anything about WCW, nWo’s biggest rival was Sting during his heyday.

Anderson talked about the awkward move to get these two factions out and how fun it was to notice that everyone involved had more connection to Triple H than Sting.

“Everyone in factions had a relationship with Hunter at one point”

Sting is the only WCW guy, his biggest enemy of the entire aspect of the show the entire time was Sting vs. The NWO. Why would they come to his defense?

Talking about the decision to beat Sting in his long-awaited WWE debut has been a topic of discussion from the moment WWE made this decision. Anderson spoke about the WWE move for Sting to miss on his debut.

Anderson mentioned:

“If you decide you won’t use Sting, Hunter will be there, you know that next year and the next year.” Okay, go the Hunter way, Hunter is going to win the fight.

That is what happens if you are not going to use Sting ever again. But if you want Sting vs Undertaker and you want to get another fight from him and possibly get multiple TV appearances, what would be wrong with giving Sting victory? «

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