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After the success he had with his Justice League cut released on the streaming platform HBO Max, Zack Snyder (Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27%, The Man of Steel – 55%) is preparing to succeed now with Netflix, thanks to the next premiere, on May 21, of Army of the Dead, a film that has given much to talk about, which is why it is expected to win over fans of the filmmaker and Dawn of the Dead – 75%.

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Starring Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Spies) the film follows a group of mercenaries who decide to carry out the biggest robbery ever in the city of Las Vegas right after an epidemic of deaths occurs. living. For this they will have to enter a quarantine zone, with the risks that this entails.

Although a lot of gore and guts are expected in these types of tapes, especially considering that it has an R rating, Snyder recently revealed that he had to remove a scene that he felt would be too extreme for viewers (via MovieWeb).

And it is that although Army of the dead is set in a post-apocalyptic world and follows a group of mercenaries who will have to face the undead to achieve their mission, the reality is that there is a limit and the director said that he found it when he realized that one of the scenes he had planned was too much.

We had a sequence where one of the male strippers had a huge penis that was bitten off. We thought it was too much.

The filmmaker may be right and it was too much, because although people who look forward to the movie surely want to see action and a lot of blood, perhaps a penis that was bite off was already very extreme. For the public, Army of the dead is the perfect opportunity to follow a group of rebellious antiheroes as they kill zombies.

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Snyder has long promised that Army of the dead It will feature pure-style zombie mayhem and that it’s set in Las Vegas can only mean we’ll get everything from Elvis impersonators to Valentine the zombie tiger. So even if the director had to get rid of the aforementioned scene, the film will still retain its promised style and tone.

Also, with Bautista leading the band of mercenaries, surely, the humor will also be very peculiar. Two weeks after the release of Snyder’s first movie outside the DC Extended Universe in 10 years, audiences are eager to see what it will be like, and each new piece of information revealed adds to the excitement; It only remains to wait to see the result.

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