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Zack Snyder is about to return with a new movie and fans are on the edge of their seats. This is The Army of the Dead – 70%, delivery for Netflix that will arrive on May 21. This production gave Snyder great satisfaction but also brought numerous challenges, including the digital insertion of Tig Notaro in many of the scenes, since it came as a replacement for Chris D’Elia; this actor had already shot all his parts but was eliminated due to accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior, forcing the filmmaker to re-record some scenes with other actors and fully introduce Notaro in the movie.

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Zombie cinema is not something Zack snyder unknown. His fans know that the American filmmaker’s career began in 2004 with Dawn of the Dead – 75%, a film that tells the adventure of a group of people who try to survive an outbreak of living death by taking refuge in a gigantic shopping center. The film stands out for combining terror and blood with some hilarious situations, material that should not be missed by fans of violence. After mourning the death of his daughter Autumn, Snyder He returned to the director’s chair with Army of the Dead and is getting rave reviews.

The Vulture report argues that Tig Notaro he had to shoot almost all of his scenes in front of a green screen, without other actors being around him. What he did Zack snyder was to place the actress on the material that already existed, replacing D’Elia and generating a whole new perspective for the character.

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Vulture explains the details around digital insertion of Tig in the scenes of The Army of the Dead: “Snyder and the visual effects team replicated the physical spaces and camera angles of the original scenes. [… Usando accesorios verdes, punteros láser y pelotas de tenis que cuelgan de las gradas para aproximarse a donde debería estar mirando Notaro.” El director comentó al medio el trabajo que implicó hacer este cambio de último momento:

Tuve que hacer este experimento increíblemente técnico, recreando cada escena, toma por toma. Mi supervisor de efectos visuales, Marcus Taormina, hizo el trabajo de sacar a Chris completamente de la película para que Tig pudiera tener libertad [para moverse] within the scenes. Some of the trickier shots were where she walked in the group – I had to match the shots [de la cámara] and it was difficult to get the perspective to match. It took a few months to get all the individual effects and get it perfect. Marcus was able to manipulate it and make it work, and it was surprisingly easy.

The army of the dead it was thought like the movie that Zack snyder needed to finally get out of that bitter drink that was his intervention in the DCEU of Warner Bros. Many fans did not agree with the vision he gave to the superheroes of the Justice League, but last May he announced his return to the franchise with Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% and that hit HBO Max in mid-March. The public was delighted with the filmmaker’s approach to these characters, setting a unique precedent in the history of the genre.

The army of the dead aspires to become the most successful movie of May on the Netflix platform. We are certain that from the first day it will be able to reach the number 1 position in the global top, the critic’s comments are being a bit mixed, but we know that the most important are those of the fans.

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