RIO – The Brazilian Army, through the Joint East Command, sent a letter to city halls in the interior of Rio de Janeiro in which it questions the ability to mass burial these municipalities. Written on April 9, the document calls for a “survey of statistical data regarding the number of cemeteries, the availability of graves and the capacity for daily burials, in their respective areas of responsibility.”

The colonel signs the letter Luis Mauro Rodrigues Moura, head of the Military Service Section. The Conjunto East Command has operations in Rio, Holy Spirit is on Minas Gerais. The document was exposed on the social networks of the mayor of Três Rios, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, Josimar Salles (PDT).

“Faced with a document like this coming from an institution of the most respected in Brazil, the Brazilian Army, asking for information about the number of cemeteries, the number of graves, our capacity to be able to bury people, I cannot in any way loosen the our measurements, “he said. “If the Army is asking this, it is because they are doing a statistical survey on the possibility of chaos in our public health.”

In a statement, the Joint Command East said it plans to act based on hypothetical scenarios, “aiming to mitigate the harmful effects of the pandemic on society.” The document, says the Army, aims to collect data for one of the scenarios proposed.

The military also said that they are aware of the consequences of the pandemic and that, “from the perspective of the constitutional mission of the Brazilian Army and the protection of the Military Family”, they support the “national effort” to fight the coronavirus.

In Rio, 301 people have already died victims of Covid-19. Altogether, 3,944 were confirmed in the State until the afternoon of this Thursday, 17.

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