Armie Hammer reportedly entered a rehab clinic


Following the cannibalism and sexual abuse scandal, Armie Hammer may have entered a rehab clinic.

In the middle of 2020, Armie Hammer starred in the biggest scandal of his career. Several anonymous women accused the actor of various types of abuse and toxic behavior, claiming that the actor was a cannibal. Then, in March of the same year, Hammer was denounced for an alleged rape. After these big accusations and facing the worst moment of his career, the interpreter could have entered a rehabilitation clinic.

Armie Hammer apparently made the decision to get help from professionals. That said, according to Vanity Fair, the actor would have entered a rehabilitation clinic at the end of May. In this way, the interpreter, who had not left Cayman Island where he lives since March, flew to an institution located in Florida to treat his sexual and addiction problems, according to the media.

Apparently, this important step that Armie Hammer took was done with the support of his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers. Although they separated in July 2020, the actor would have asked for help to rehabilitate the woman with whom he shared 10 years of his life. According to reports, the actor’s wife and her children have been seen saying goodbye to him at the airport.

Looking for help

According to a close friend who spoke to Vanity Fair, this decision by Armie Hammer is “a clear sign that he is taking back control of his life.” Recall that in January the accusations arose from several anonymous sources, which claimed that the actor had had various extramarital affairs with young women with whom he contacted through private messages and had sex. And the strangest thing, that he also had conversations in which he fantasized about eating them and drinking their blood. The scandal went viral so much that the actor lost the projects he was going to star in.


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